Are you looking for a professional cameraman for your product videos, advertising videos, project videos, video clips, various events, cameraman for online courses, company videos, online videos?

I am the right choice for you. I provide post-production, which includes adjustments, color corrections, effects, captions and the like, until they are exported to the final required format.


I use professional camera equipment, Sony a7s3 with various lenses, lights, stabilizers, microphones, tripod and various special camera devices. I also use a professional drone, that captures the best shots from the air.


Are you looking for a professional photographer for your portrait photography, product photography, backstage photography, or real estate photography? I am the right choice for your project. I will take professional photos, their backup and post-production up to export to the required size and format.


I use a professional Sony A7mk3 camera with various lenses and lights. I also use a professional drone to take photos in the best quality.


I will provide special camera equipment to work. Camera crane (JimmyJib), dolly (manual and electric), various stabilizers of the DJI and Tilta brands, camera focus (Nucleus), drone, cable cam and the like.

If you are interested in my services or have a question about my services, do not hesitate to contact me via phone, e-mail or instagram.

The price for the service is individual from each project, if you contact me, I will be happy to prepare a price offer for your specific project.